Everyone knows that you should never operate heavy machinery after enjoying adult beverages but this might be a bit more unknown.

I don't know about you but I've never heard about being careful around tractors after eating pancake syrup! At least this certain brand. Mrs Butterworth Syrup would never do this to our Iowa farmers who want to enjoy a full breakfast before a hard day of work.

I've never heard of pancake consumption and tractor operation being dangerous but maybe I've been wrong for 33 years.

Unsplash - Mikki Speid
Unsplash - Mikki Speid

Keep Away From Tractors?

A photo was shared on Reddit of pancake syrup that is from the United Arab Emirates. The person who shared the photo was curious why this product's Arabic warning label says "Do not freeze and keep away from TRACTOR and sun." 


The pancake syrup I bought has "keep away from tractor" printed on it...
byu/Cayde_Cheif-6 inmildlyinteresting

Of course, the internet comedians came calling. One person replied, "Many farmers have been known to drink a bottle or two while working….even a small amount of syrup can affect driving ability."

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Another Reddit user wrote, "Huge red flag. Everyone knows you only use tractor-safe syrup." "How quickly we forget. Doesn’t anyone remember the Great Tractor Syrup tragedy of 63."

Thankfully, someone was able to step in with the voice of reason. According to DeliBebek, there is a problem with the English translation. There is a dot that shouldn't be on the Arabic label. The label is supposed to say "Keep away from heat" not tractors. 

Whew, thank goodness. I'd hate for any hardworking Iowa farmer to not be able to enjoy his morning waffles or pancakes and only be able to smother them in butter and chocolate chips. Thankfully, we won't be seeing a repeat of the great tractor syrup tragedy of 63.

It's not only the English language that 1 small dot can completely change the meaning of an entire sentence.

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