The Iowa Hawkeyes have done it! They are officially headed back to the Final 4 in back-to-back seasons.

They will take on UConn on Friday, April 5, for a chance to head back to the National Championship game. Iowa vs LSU was one of the tournament's most exciting games so far. Both teams showed up to play and brought their A-game. Thankfully for Hawkeye fans, they were able to get a little bit of revenge from last year's championship game.

If you asked 100 Iowans who they were cheering for in last night's game, I'd be willing to bet 99 of them would've said they were cheering for the Hawkeyes. Regarding the rest of the country, which states do you think were also cheering for the University of Iowa? We can count out Louisiana...but you might be a little surprised by these results.

Iowa vs LSU

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47 out of 50 states were Hawkeye fans last night. Louisiana was pulling for LSU but Mississippi and South Carolina were also Tiger fans last night. A VAST majority of the country was cheering for the University of Iowa last night. 94% of the country to be exact.

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This may have something to do with this thing people are calling "the Caitlin Clark Effect." She's been everywhere this entire season. She's been featured on ESPN multiple times, she's been talked about on the Late Night TV show, and she's had her record-breaking 3-point shot cemented in Carver-Hawkeye Arena forever. It feels like every basketball fan wants a chance to watch Caitlin play basketball.

I also feel like people just like watching this team. They play hard, they play for each other, they have a great group of coaches, and they've somewhat turned into "America's Team."

The Hawkeyes are 1 win away from playing in back-to-back national championship games. They will have to get through a very tough UConn team but I've said this before, there are very few, if any, teams that can beat the Hawkeyes when they're playing their best basketball.

Iowa Final Four vs. South Carolina

On March 31, 2023, the 3rd-ranked Iowa women's basketball team played top-ranked, and undefeated South Carolina in the Final Four in Dallas, Texas. South Carolina had won 42 in a row. It would end with Iowa defeating South Carolina 77-73.

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