Every 18-20, those who look to the sky at night get to witness something pretty incredible. About every 20 years, a strawberry moon coincides with the summer solstice.

While the name implies something to do with fruit or perhaps the color red, a strawberry moon doesn't necessarily mean you'll see a reddish tint when looking at the moon, this June 21st. June 21st is also one day after the summer solstice, which is one of the longest days of the summer.

When you hear Strawberry Moon, you might think of some folk band but this term was coined by the Native American Algonquin tribes.

Unsplash - Ganapathy Kumar
Unsplash - Ganapathy Kumar

Strawberry Moon

According to KCRG, the strawberry moon received its name from these tribes that lived in the northeastern part of the U.S. This moon was used to mark the ripening of June berries, letting the tribes know that strawberries were ready to be gathered.

The moon already began its new phase on June 6th and you can witness the strawberry moon by looking towards the southeast. When the moon rises above the horizon, it will appear larger than you'd normally see, and it will have a golden hue.

The strawberry moon has another unique characteristic. According to KCRG "because the full moon is occurring alongside the day the sun is at its highest of the year, it will be opposite the sun in all respects when it hits its peak."

If you'd like to see the strawberry moon at its peak illumination, be sure to step outside around 9:08 pm. The strawberry moon is the most colorful moon of the year. This moon is also known as the rose moon and/or hot moon by tribes where strawberries don't grow.

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