While the people of Greenfield, Iowa, are still processing the destruction left behind by several tornadoes last Tuesday (May 21), stories like this one are beginning to pop up.

These are the stories that anyone affected by the tornadoes needs right now as they are stories of humor and grace. We learned yesterday that a Greenfield teenager asked some of the biggest golf companies in the world to help replace his golf bag and it looks like he's getting his wish.

Now we're learning about a 6-year-old Iowa boy, who just missed the path of the tornado, and is trying to help those affected.

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Evan Croxell and his family are giving Greenfield residents a reason to smile.

Like plenty of 6-year-old boys, Evan likes to play with his toys. When he learned that other Iowa kids lost their homes and some of their toys, he jumped at the chance to help.

According to KCRG, Evan set up a table outside of his home and is donating his toys for free to those in need. Not only did Evan donate his toys, but he's also had help from his neighbors, teachers, and other friends who have stopped by to add donations to his toy collection.

Evans's mom spoke to KCRG and as you can imagine, she was a proud parent. She said "It’s pretty cool to see your own kid out here, just like devoted. I mean, he’s just bound and determined to get rid of his stuff and just help."

The Croxell family sets up their toy donation in the afternoons and they continue to post updates on the Greenfield Tornado 2024 Resources Page. The Croxells have also added a free snack, lemonade, and clothes to their donation pile.

There are also ways for anyone to help out with the tornado destruction. If you would like to help, you can make donations to either this Salvation Army website or this GoFundMe page.

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