Back in June, it was announced that a brand new Topgolf facility was being built in Des Moines and it was the first Top Golf facility to be built in the state of Iowa. By 2023 it's hopeful eastern Iowans won't have to drive as far to have the unique experience a driving range like Topgolf offers.

PinSeekers is a Topgolf-style driving range that is being developed in Tiffin just off of Interstate 380, according to KCRG. The driving range will feature 56 heated driving range sweets as well as mini golf.

I personally can't wait for PinSeekers to be completed and open to the public. If you've never experienced Topgolf, it's one of the most fun ways to hit some golf balls. You see all different kinds of people at driving ranges like this. Whether they're an experienced golfer or have never swung a club before, it's a great time for everyone of all skill levels.

Along with the driving range and top tracer ball tracking technology, PinSeekers will include mini golf, mini bowling, and a full restaurant with food and drinks, and the facility will be open year-round, according to KCRG.

I've always thought it'd be pretty fun to be able to play golf on my birthday, which is in December. In the Iowa, it can be pretty tough getting in a round when there's normally snow on the ground. With this facility being open year-round, my dreams of hitting some golf balls in the winter months are looking a lot better.

Ryan Ranguette works with PinSeekers and is looking forward to bringing this unique golf experience to the Tiffin community. He told the Gazette,

We’re really excited to be a part of the Tiffin community. Golf, as a whole, brings a community together in many different ways than other activities.

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