This week, we're dealing with the bitter cold and last week various parts of Iowa saw a record amount of snow. That got me thinking...when did the biggest snowstorms in Iowa history take place?

Unsplash - Craig Whitehead
Unsplash - Craig Whitehead

Some of these snowstorms happened before you were even a twinkle in your parent's eyes. Others, some Iowans will remember quite well. Iowa Starting Line has put together a fantastic history lesson on some of Iowa's snowiest days.

Biggest Snowstorms In Iowa History

Blizzard of 1923 - Do you remember the blizzard of 1923? Me either. My grandparents would have a tough time remembering this far back. According to Iowa Starting Line, on March 18, 1923, there were some cities in central parts of Iowa that saw up to 30 inches of snow. This entire week ended up being one of the snowiest weeks in Iowa's history.

Armistice Day of 1940 - Now we're getting closer to a time you or your grandparents could remember. The Armistice Day Blizzard in 1940 not only impacted Iowa but pretty much the entire Midwest. This blizzard affected Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and Iowa. There were 2 feet of snow and the windy conditions led to 20-foot snow drifts.

New Year's Day 1942 - Talk about a way to try and bring in the new year. On January 1 1942, much of Iowa reported at least 2 feet of snow from Black Hawk County to Page. The central portions of the state reported even more snow. Des Moines saw its heaviest snowfall on record at 19.8 inches, and Ames received 24 inches of snow in 1 day. Not only was the snowfall a problem for Iowa but there was also the wind. The cold created temperatures that felt -20 or worse. You know the old Midwest saying "It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the wind."

9-Day Blizzard of 1951 -  There was a blizzard that lasted for 9 days! There was a slow-moving storm that lasted from March 9 to the 17th. For some parts of Iowa, this was a snowstorm that lasted 100 hours. Iowa City reported the most snowfall in the state as the city accumulated 27.2 inches. According to Iowa Starting Line, this was one of Iowa's biggest snowstorms as the entire state reported an average of 14.3 inches of snow.

December of 2009 - Now here is a snowstorm/blizzard you might've been a part of or at the very least, were alive for. In 2009, there was a blizzard that almost beat the 9-day blizzard of 1951, for average snow throughout the state. Iowa was under a state blizzard warning but sadly, many Iowans were prepared for what was about to arrive. Depending on location, Iowa saw between 8-17 inches of snow, and one of the worst parts was (once again) the wind. It was around 10 degrees but the windchill brought the temperature down to -30.

Fingers crossed things don't get as bad as any of these snowstorms for Iowans this week.

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