YouTube and makeup celebrity James Charles shared a new YouTube video entitled "No More Lies" addressing his recent drama and loss of over 3 million subscribers.

The 19-year-old beauty blogger's drama began when fellow guru Tati Westbrook called him out for supporting a competitor's vitamin brand. What started off about faithfulness to a friend turned into even more drama when Westbrook claimed that he has had disregarded multiple men's sexual orientation and had inappropriate conversations with them.

In the new forty minute video, he addresses Westbrook and the response from fellow YouTube star, makeup business owner, and friend, Jeffree Star. The video also shares what happened when he attended Coachella along with addressing the alleged text messages from numerous friends including Westbrook and Star.

Charles addresses his former fling who he flew out to Coachella, who made a YouTube video about his experience with Charles. He also touches on Westbrook's allegation that he disregarded their restaurant waiter's sexuality and asking to hook up with him.

Fans were quick to criticize Charles since the video is monetized (meaning he makes money from the views, something Westbrook did not do to her videos regarding the drama.)

Watch the full video below.

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