Iowa has some star power. Ashton Kutcher is from the Hawkeye State, specifically Cedar Rapids. Maddie Poppe, our Iowa (and American Idol) is a Clarksville native and still calls NE Iowa home.

It's certainly possible to see one of them in Iowa either in person or on social media. But what about a mega TV star who's been a household name in entertainment for over 30 years? THAT is pretty unusual. But alas, it happened Sunday at The Other Place on University in Cedar Falls.

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Jay Leno ate local

Jay Leno, the host of the Tonight Show from 1992 to 2009, then again from 2010 - 2014 (remember the Conan fiasco?) had a stand-up show at the Gallagher Bluedorn on Sunday, March 6. Prior to his 7 o'clock curtain time, the TV host made a visit to the OP, where he happily snapped a pic with some of the staff. Makes working on a Sunday not so bad, huh?

The show, which I attended, featured some of Jay's classic Tonight Show-style monologue mixed with stories about his life and family, and finally a Q&A with the sold-out Cedar Falls audience. Leno came across as charming and polite as he rattled off one-liners about the pandemic, political figures, and even himself.

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But if you're wondering where Jay had dinner, or a post-show snack, that likely be back in Burbank where he lives. During his Q&A he told the audience he was flying out right after the show.

During his run as host of the Tonight Show, Jay starred in 4,610 episodes and interviewed countless celebrities, sports stars, and politicians. During his Q&A he was asked about the current crop of late-night shows. He said he wishes all current hosts the best and says so much has changed in the world since he was behind the famous desk weeknights on NBC.

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