Jennifer Nettles has been performing onstage for more than two decades -- but on Thursday (May 4), she experience a first: her first fall offstage. The singer suffered a broken rib when she tripped and fell while headed onstage at a corporate event.

The New York Post reports that Nettles was set to perform during a Time Inc. presentation for advertisers at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom on Thursday morning, but she tripped over a lighting fixture and seriously injured herself before she could do so. An ambulance transported Nettles to Bellevue Hospital, where medical personnel confirmed that she broke a rib in her fall.

On Twitter, Nettles says that she's "banged up" in addition to her broken rib, "but grateful." In another tweet, the artist thanked all of the doctors, nurses and EMTs that helped her out, specifically calling out her doctor, Dr. Mordel.

"May be moving slowly for a bit," she adds. "But I'll rally."

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Nettles says on Twitter that her Thursday fall was the first time in her life that she's fallen off a stage.

"First time for everything!!!" she jokes.

Nettles released "Hey Heartbreak" as the second single from her sophomore album, Playing With Fire, in September; the triumphant anthem about moving past the pain of a breakup follows "Unlove You" as a single. While "Hey Heartbreak" does directly address the pain of a broken relationship, Nettles chooses not to wallow in it; she's had her time to grieve, and now it's time to move on.

“Who can’t relate to a good breakup song?” Nettles says. “The fun part is that there are all kinds of breakup songs. You could be Adele, and you could be heartbroken and down. Or you could be "Hey Heartbreak," that is super fun and triumphant and almost like an anthem for freedom. You’re really moving past the sadness and healing.”

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