John Tesh knows a thing or two about the healing power of the nation's healthcare professionals. His life was saved from a 3-year terminal cancer battle by a heroic group of them following his diagnosis in 2015. He's now giving back to these frontline workers as they face another unprecedented challenge: the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tesh, along with his wife Connie Sellecca, will host a fundraising event this Friday, April 17, from 2-8 p.m. 100 percent of proceeds raised will go to a dedicated and already active GoFundMe page to create care packages for these medical workers. The event will be viewable via Facebook Live. Sellecca said via press release:

We polled a number of hospitals to find out what these doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals need the most, and at the top of everyone’s list are food delivery gift cards for them and their families, as well as items like protein bars, lip balm and soothing lavender hand lotion. They are also in need of iPads/tablets, so patients can communicate with their loved-ones and communicate with nurses without having to contaminate the nurse’s PPE

They will interview health care professionals throughout the event and share coping tips with listeners and viewers.

Visit John Tesh on his website for more information and to subscribe to his podcast. We hope you'll make the time to join the event Friday evening on Facebook.

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