Christmas may be over, but the giving continues through a Johnson County program seeking donations for workers on frontlines of the health care industry this past year.

Johnson County's "Adopt a Health Care Worker" program continues to seek gifts for about 120 of these men and women in the area. Healthcare workers can nominate themselves or each other on the program's website.

They get it, it's challenging to donate when we may be struggling ourselves, and if you wonder whether or not they appreciate it, KWWL spoke to one by the name of Lauri Riss. She's in the ambulatory surgeries department at the University of Iowa Health Care and said she received a beauty kit with lotions, soaps, and also a handwritten note. "Something like this was really really sweet. It meant a lot that everyone is making sacrifices right now, it's not just health care workers". So your gift can be simple and will be very much appreciated.

670 healthcare heroes have been accounted for with gifts through the program but there's plenty more giving to do if you're still in the spirit. The beauty kit was a great idea and welcomed by its recipient, but among other ideas they suggest include shopping through local Iowa City area stores and restaurants. That's a double-win because you'll be supporting those businesses who very much need and deserve it as well. A "mental health care package" is a fantastic idea as well.

Thank you to the groups who put this program together this year. They include Think Iowa City, the Iowa City Area Development Group, Iowa City Business Partnership and the Iowa City Downtown District who are all helping with the Adopt a Health Care Worker program in Johnson County. Learn more here.

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