Sometimes it pays off to be famous. Joseph Quinn learned that being recognizable came in handy when he was detained by U.S. Immigration while trying to enter the country for a late-night TV appearance. Luckily, one of the officers recognized him from Stranger Things.

The actor — who played the fan-favorite metalhead Eddie Munson on the Netflix series' fourth season — relayed the story during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He told Jimmy Fallon that he almost didn't make it to the gig as he was "held up at immigration."

Apparently, Quinn was taken to what he described as "a dungeon." Officers wanted to know what he was doing in the United States, and he explained that he was meeting Fallon. However, the first officer didn't believe him. Luckily another stepped in to save the day.

"One of his colleagues looked over me, looked to him, said 'Leave Eddie alone,'" Quinn explained. The actor said that the first officer was confused and then asked if he was Eddie Munson. His response: "Kind of."

They wanted to know if Eddie was coming back for the fifth and final season, but Quinn was not able to confirm any details. Fans have speculated that he might be back on the show, but it's still a mystery.

"He was like, 'You better,'" he recalled. Then he got his passport back and was free to go.

"There you go," Fallon exclaimed. "That's the power of Eddie Munson."

The late-night host also had Quinn react to the "Chrissy Wake Up" remix that's gone viral on TikTok. "I think it's so funny," Quinn gushed. He admitted that the remix had been stuck in his head for the majority of the day.

Quinn showed off his skill with accents during a segment on the show. He even reflected on being the "side Joe" in Gaten Matarazzo and Joe Keery's relationship.

"I had the best time with them," he said. "I think I was quite nervous about this dynamic because, I mean, yeah, I think you guys have seen the show. Gaten and Joe's character... Their dynamic is something that people really, really like. I was conscious of stepping into it and being Gaten's side Joe."

He clarified that he was Gaten's "Joe on the side" but that it ended up working out.

Check out Quinn's interview with Fallon below:

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