We are all obligated to do it at some point, and my time has come. I've been summoned for possible jury duty in February! I received a letter in the mail asking me to call the courthouse the weekend before a February 2nd court date to see if I am to report.

Honestly, I am torn about how I feel about this responsibility.  I am obligated to serve if chosen and it could be a fascinating experience. On the other hand, while I do not yet know what the case will involve, it's intimidating to know that I might have a voice in our judicial system.

An article on Lifehacker called "8 Myths About Jury Duty, Debunked" did a good job answering some of my pressing questions about the experience, such as whether I might get out of it for being related to law enforcement officers (not likely...but does that qualify as a bias in favor of police?), but I welcome your advice in the comments below. How do you dress? Do you get a break for lunch? Any other comments would be welcomed.

I will return with a blog reviewing my experience should I actually be chosen to serve.  Meanwhile, I will continue my preparation by watching some courtroom dramas...

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