TLC's Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, is coming to the US Cellular Center Oct. 29th.  Of course, you probably already knew that.  And we have another chance for you to win tickets all week during 5 for the Drive. But winning the tickets won't be just as easy as being caller 7.Each day, Chris Carson will have your chance to play "Longing For A Medium", a multiple choice quiz, where you simply have to choose which of the 3 answers is the longest.  Listen for the cue to call in, be caller 7, and you get to play and make your guess.  There's a catch however.  You might need a medium to help you, as we will not be giving you the answers.  Yes, you'll be longing for a medium.

Don't have a medium available? You're not completely out of luck.  Make sure you've subscribed to the newsletter, and we'll get you the choices right to your inbox.

The question now, are you willing to make a blind guess hoping for a moment of clairvoyance?  Or will you make sure you're informed?  Click the link below to make sure your subscribed, and good luck.  The next newsletter will be hitting your inbox very soon!

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