As soon as Michael Strahan left the syndicated morning show "Live with Kelly" and they announced a launch for a new co-host search, my mind went straight to three names. Her soap-star husband and frequent guest host Mark Consuelos, or news anchor and also frequent guest host Anderson Cooper. The third name I predicted from the start is the one that has actually now been confirmed.

Ryan Seacrest is taking a "permanent" seat next to Kelly on "Live" as of this morning, Monday, May 1, according to CNN and other sources.

Seacrest is the former, and possibly soon-to-be current again host of "American Idol" if reboot rumors are true. He can be seen on your television lots of other places as well. Too many for me to keep track of. He is a talented and successful television host--but not a very creative choice for this gig, especially given the dramatic buildup. I'm sure the show will be a success, but what are your thoughts? Share them in the comments.

[Via CNN]

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