Kelsea Ballerini explores a dark and dangerous mystery with "The Other Girl," her new radio single. The song features Halsey as the title character — or is it Ballerini?

This second single from Kelsea may hit too close to home for some, but those who can detach personal experiences from songs they hear on the radio may enjoy rolling around in this illicit drama. "The Other Girl" can be classified as a cheating song, but it's more nuanced than that. The two singers play women on the arm of the same man, both aware of one another, but unaware if the other knows what she knows. The cheating man is but a prop through two solid verses and one very catchy chorus.

Credit Ballerini for not trying to get Halsey to wear overalls on this song. "The Other Girl" is her least traditional radio single to date — in fact one has to squint to find an instrument that can be carried to the stage. A firm commitment to exploring the misery of these two characters is what sets it apart from other pop-friendly adventures however. The songwriters (Ballerini, Shane McAnally and Ross Copperman) practice exquisite word economy in drawing the setting and plot of this story, plus all the envy, anger, hurt that comes with it.

Did You Know?: Ballerini and Halsey became friends after the pop star's show in Nashville in 2018. Learn more about how their friendship started in the interview below.

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Kelsea Ballerini, (Feat. Halsey), "The Other Girl" Lyrics:

I bet you’re from out west somewhere / Hazel eyes and dark brown hair / And everything you wear fits you just right / I bet you drink martinis dry / And never let ‘em see you cry / I bet you’re more promiscuous than I / I bet you’re bold, I bet that’s why you seem to occupy his mind / I bet you’re smart, but do you know about me.

Is it me, is it you / Tell me who, who’s the other girl / Who’s the first, who’s the fool / Who’s the diamond, who’s the pearl / Are you mad, me too / And I wonder in his world / Is it me, is it you / Who’s the other girl.

Post Chorus:
Who’s gonna put on the red dress / Scarlet letter on her chest / Can’t love with this on her conscience / Tell me who’s the other girl, girl, girl, girl.

Are you the one he’s talking to / When he gets up and leaves the room / And comes back with a distance in his eyes / Maybe I should be the one to leave / But damn, when he starts loving me / It makes me think I’m all that’s on his mind.

Repeat chorus and Post Chorus

I bet you’re cool / I bet that’s why you seem to occupy his time / I bet by now, you know about me / You know about me.

Repeat Chorus

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