Need a little pick me up? Feeling kinda down? Here's an idea: perform a random act of kindness. Sounds like an odd way to boost your mood, but according to a CNN article, random acts of kindness do just that - and the science behind it is actually pretty simple.

When you put the well-being of someone else in front of your own, it actually triggers what's called a 'helpers high' and stimulates the reward centers of the brain. Pretty cool, right? If you're looking for some pretty simple ways to preform random acts of kindness, here's some ideas:

  • Donate. We all have something at home we're not using anymore. Likely, it would really help someone else out. Donating to others, even strangers, has been shown to reduce blood pressure and improve your heart health in the process. Sweet, no?
  • Over tip. This one has been a popular option during COVID. Someone is risking their health to keep working with the public by bringing them food. So, naturally it's an easy random act of kindness to justify.
  •  Volunteer. Find something you care about. A cause near to your heart. Volunteering has been shown to reduce stress and even improve depression. How can you go wrong with those results?
  • Compliment someone. Being kind can boost happiness according to researchers. Plus, who doesn't love to hear a genuine compliment, right?

You can see more from the study here. Oh, and you have such nice eyes! Ahh, I feel better already.

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