Starting today you will notice one big change when you go to a neighborhood Kwik Star location. The way you pay might have to be a bit different, or more specifically you'll have fewer options.

Kwik Star has eliminated one payment option

As of today, Monday, January 3rd, Kwik Star, which is known as Kwik Trip in Wisconsin and Minnesota, will no longer allow customers to pay for gas inside their stores after filling up. Going forward, customers will either be required to pre-pay inside or pay-at-the-pump. The change comes as the company is aiming to improve customer service, according to a WSAU story.

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The logic is, when customers select pay inside after pumping, an employee has to keep an eye on the vehicle/driver to ensure they do not attempt to drive off. With the option eliminated, employees will have more time to focus on customers who come inside or need assistance that may pull an employee away from their service area. Kwik Star did make sure to note customers may still use all of the same methods of payment inside the store to prepay including checks, gift cards, and of course credit/debit cards.

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For Kwik Star, the strategy could be a bit of a risk as the intent is always to attract customers inside the store, where they can showcase food/drink options. With the prepay option still available, it's likely Kwik Star will still be able to pull people who may not have otherwise gone inside its store to come in.

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