Laine Hardy has a bad boy streak in him. The "Ground I Grew Up On" singer and Season 17 American Idol winner recently revealed he has a huge tattoo on his back, and he showed it off.

This came after the part of the conversation where Hardy admitted to leading police on a chase through the backwoods of Louisiana, but before he wrapped his interview with Taste of Country Nights. A fan asked the 19-year-old singer if he had any tattoos, and his response brought up a different set of questions, but he eventually showed it off.

“I’m not my brother so I can show you,” he says, smiling, before hesitantly sharing that his older brother went to Nashville and came back with a butt tattoo. We didn't ask to see that, instead choosing to focus on his artwork. After some squatting, bending and shirt-tugging, Hardy reveals he has his last name in black across his shoulder blades.

The ink is a little surprising for fans of Hardy's who met him when he starred on the singing reality show in 2019. The quiet teen seemed like a no-frills country boy with a strong voice and a penchant for mixing all sorts of genres into his country music. That part is still true, as his debut single and "Let There Be Country" have proven. But he's got a wild hair, too.

Hardy is living at home in Livingston, La., during the coronavirus pandemic, but if he had his druthers, he'd be splitting time between home and Nashville. Prior to March he was able to work with several high-profile writers to craft the songs for his first studio project.

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