Christmas will soon be here, and once it has passed, it will be time to start thinking about your New Year's resolution. If you'd like to make a life-saving difference in 2022, now is the time to get signed up for a FREE CPR course through the Marion Fire Department and Rotary Club of Linn County

Sign up early to guarantee a spot

The Cedar Rapids Gazette says the date for this free community class is February 19. It will take place at the brand new Marion Fire Department headquarters at 1000 Irish Drive. Enrollment is limited, so reserve your spot through the early sign-up form here. You can sign as many of your family members as you'd like to take part, while space permits. The class will start at 9 a.m. on February 19, and will provide enough trainers and mannequins for a class of up to 40 people.

Why do I need to know CPR?

Learning and using CPR when an incident occurs can often be the "bridge" that keeps someone alive while paramedics respond. It may take 5-10 minutes or more for paramedics to arrive on the scene, so the ability to maintain the person's blood flow during that time through CPR offers a better chance of saving them. That's according to training chief Kale McBurney of the Marion Fire Department.

Other things to know

You may need Heartsaver certification from the American Heart Association and you'll be able to set that up for a $25 fee the day of the class. Infant CPR and defibrilator training will be part of the class.

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