College can be a strange and wonderful time all at once. You meet some of your closest friends and try different things for the first time. But one club at a Minnesota college has an organization that I guarantee you've never heard of before.

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The University of Minnesota is going viral for one club that is a bit different from your typical college extracurricular.

Picture students gathering in a giant lecture room. No, it's not so they can learn. It's so they can eat huge heads of lettuce.

Lettuce Club at the University of Minnesota is a unique experience. Every single semester, members of the club gather together for a semi-annual meeting where they all fight for the title of "head lettuce" until the next time they gather.

The requirements for this competition are; participants have to eat the whole head of lettuce, said lettuce must be iceburg (no exceptions), and yes dressing is allowed.

The most recent head lettuce for the Minnesota Gophers is Hampton Weber who won with a record breaking time of two minutes and thirty-five seconds. Weber will be the big cheese...or lettuce until the Spring competition where they all reconvine. This is not the only school in the country that has this strange club. Some schools can be a part of the Big 10 lettuce eating league.

These clubs starting popping up after something called the "lettuce challenge" gained popularity around 2016. The very first school to have this epic battle of the wills was the Maine School For Science And Mathematics (MSSM).   You can watch the video from the most recent lettuce club meetup down below!

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