Mother Nature won't cut us a break.

While we continue to dig out of Winter's wrath, a new threat is put in the back of our minds. Flooding.

A report was released this week by the National Weather Service (NWS) saying the Cedar River has a 24 percent chance of reaching 16 feet (major flood stage) this Spring, thanks to a snowy and wet Fall and Winter.  In short, it's already three times more likely than normal.

Cedar Rapids has so far seen 42.2 inches of snow this winter (the most since...gulp...2008). It's over twice the average of 20.9 inches snowfall at this time in the season, and it's not over. A spokesperson with the NWS was quoted as saying "the process of melting the snowpack will be essential to the severity of flooding that occurs this spring"

Waterloo and Iowa City's major flood risk levels are lower at this time.

This is the first of several upcoming flood projection reports. Another will be released March 7th. Let's hope things have changed for the better by then. It's something we've been through and handled before, but this is really not the news we wanted to hear.

[Via Gazette]


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