A ruling in May by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds banned mask mandates across the state, but counties can make their own requirements for county-owned buildings and KWWL says that after deliberating on the decision, Linn County Supervisor Stacey Walker, speaking on behalf of officials in Linn County, say they will require it starting Monday

Their requirement goes into effect August 9, regardless of vaccination status

After recent deliberation on the decision, Linn County Supervisor Stacey Walker says the requirement puts them in line with recent updated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance recommending face coverings be again worn indoors as cases of the Coronavirus increase due to the "delta variant".  Walker said in a statement:

The information we’ve received about the Delta variant, its transmissibility, its lethality, and rate of increase in our community has prompted the Board of Supervisors to take this action

The majority of Iowa counties, including Linn, are in the "High" transmission category

Some who were already skeptical may question if the vaccines are doing their job since we're again seeing entities deciding to return to the mask recommendations and requiring proof of vaccination to attend events, but officials remain convinced the safest way to slow the spread and see a full return to normalcy is to get the shot.

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Walker says their intent is to keep people safe, not play politics

Disposable face masks will be provided for visitors to county-owned buildings. County buildings remain open to walk-in traffic. County business can also be done online, by phone, by email, by mail, and by drop boxes located outside County buildings. For questions about services, visit Linn County’s website.


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