Here's something we don't want to hear--potential severe weather on the way Friday.

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After the August 10 derecho that caused massive amouts of destruction throughout Linn County, the last thing we want to hear is that there is potentially more bad weather on the way. Especially, since we're still getting things cleaned up.

According to Iowa News Now, Friday's weather forecast shows temperatures near 90 with a chance for severe storms with "damaging wind gusts possible."

Linn County sent out a press release stating that Linn County Emergency Management is monitoring the forecast and is planning to sound outdoor warning sirens if "winds gust or are sustained at more than 40 miles per hour." This is after news of the potential severe weather on Friday. The weather is set to roll into the area on Friday afternoon and continue into the overnight hours.

According to the release, the decision to potentially sound the alarms is "based on the amount of loose debris still present on the ground and hanging debris still in the trees that has the potential to cause damage or injury when blown around."

In an attempt to minimize the risk of potential damage to your property, Linn County Emergency Management is advising residents to be aware of their surroundings when outdoors to avoid any hanging debris that could fall. They also advise to move any debris that's already on the ground away from structures.

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