Nineteen Iowa counties were affected by flooding of the Cedar River last month, but the damage in Linn County makes up more than half the total cost.

A preliminary estimate shows a total of $22 million in damage was done to public infrastructure throughout the nineteen counties. According to the Gazette, that would be the seventh worst disaster in the state since 1990.

In Linn County, the total price tag is estimated to be $12.7 million, or 58 percent of the total cost. The city of Cedar Rapids accounts for $11.3 million of the total. The remaining dollars are:

  • Linn County: $630,000
  • Mercy Medical complex: $373,000
  • Palo: $314,000

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad was in Marion Thursday. He took the opportunity to praise the people of eastern Iowa, and specifically Linn County, for their efforts against the flood saying, "“People in Cedar Rapids and Palo and all of these towns did a phenomenal job to avoid this becoming a much worse situation. We appreciate their efforts whether it was sandbagging or contributing equipment or whatever they did. It’s a great example of Iowa collaboration and cooperation.” Branstad could sign a letter asking for a presidential disaster declaration for federal funding as soon as Friday. He says the request will be sent "in the near future."

Linn County is one of 23 Iowa counties already part of a state disaster declaration. That allows grants to cover a variety of costs related to flooding.

John Benson, the communications bureau chief for the Iowa Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management, says approximately 500 homes and businesses were damaged by Cedar River flooding. Of those, just over 100 were deemed to have major damage or were destroyed.

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