Fans had mixed feelings when Game of Thrones aired its final episode (and Jason Momoa was straight up PISSED), but no matter what your views of the finale were, there's one thing we can all agree on: Robin Arryn had a Neville Longbottom-like glow-up.

We hadn't seen Lino Facioli since the beginning of the series, when he was a sniveling, bratty 8-year-old who liked to make people fly and breastfeed, despite being EIGHT YEARS OLD. Viewers were curious what came of the Lord of the Eyrie, and the showrunners were kind enough to give him a triumphant return. Turns out, breast milk does a body good because little whiny Arryn turned into a strapping young Lord.

Though the transformation shocked viewers, the reaction shocked no one more than Facioli himself. The 18-year-old chatted with TMZ about his whirlwind 24 hours after the finale aired, admitting he was confused when he woke up to a phone full of notifications because he forgot the episode had even come out. He went from 5k to 46k Instagram followers pretty much overnight, and has received phone calls for other jobs, too. When asked if he's been approached for an milk commercials, he joked that he wanted to start his own brand. Watch the full interview below.

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