Any day we can celebrate pets is a great day! Aprill 11th is also known as National Pet Day, which is a little more inclusive than National Dog or National Cat Day.

When I was young, before I ever had a dog, we had a series of other pets in our household. We had two kitties named George and Jingle Bells, two parakeets named Blueberry and Bubblegum, a whole slew of fish, and a hamster that only lasted a few hours (my mom was NOT happy when she came home from work!).

I now have a Boston Terrier/Pug mix named Charles Xavier, but he lives with my mom back in Michigan because my apartment doesn't allow dogs. He's currently bonding with my mom's new puppy Fiona, who is a very energetic pit bull mix. They enjoy playing together, but I think she's wearing him out a little bit!


In honor of National Pet Day today, we want to see some photos of your babies! There are obviously lots of people with dogs or cats, but we'll take anything! Horses, chickens, guinea pigs, bunnies, ferrets... whatever you've got! Here are some of the awesome photos submitted by listeners on Facebook today:

Share a photo of your pet with us in the comments below!