A local bakery is showing a gesture of goodwill to workers in the area effected by the government shutdown.

Our friends at Great Harvest Bread Co. in Cedar Rapids have set aside a "shutdown shelf" offering free bread to families. "If you or a neighbor are out of a paycheck because of the federal shutdown and need some help, please take a FREE loaf from this rack", reads the sign on the front.


Great Harvest is located at 5070 Lindale Dr. NE.

Another area business is helping struggling families of federal employees, too. Wild Hogs Saloon in Walford is offering free meals for them today, January 24. Learn the details here.

As Washington politicians continue to bicker with each other to the detriment of American families, it's great to see businesses stepping in to help those in need.

Find out more about Great Harvest's project from CBS2.

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