Hasn't it been nice to be able to break our cabin fever, earlier than usual, with the record February warmth we've had this past week? Seeing everyone out enjoying the fresh air, with a walk, run--or ride, has been extremely pleasant. But all good things must come to an end, and winter is back this weekend.

While we were seeing that fluke spike in temperatures, though, one local bicycle shop says they were seeing a spike in business.

Goldfinch Cyclery of downtown Cedar Rapids has been enjoying an increase in sales, to the tune of one-third of their inventory already being sold, and a fleet of 12 rental bikes getting steady rotation from customers.

Of course, people have also been motivated to get their bikes serviced while they had the chance. One of the store's owners told KCRG:

Yeah we probably were backed up about five days now with a basement full of bikes that need repair and cleaned up and just getting their yearly tune-ups,”

Your bike might be getting swapped out in the garage for a shovel again this weekend, but Spring is right around the corner, and Goldfinch's customers will clearly be ready.

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