It's almost as simple as using that hashtag on social media to get a local small business recognized on Friday nights by host Stephen Colbert of CBS's "Late Show."

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In case you missed it last Friday, his shoutout was given to a local Cedar Rapids woman. Businesses across the country have suffered due to the pandemic, and this is a really cool opportunity for them to grow and get recognized nationally. Colbert singled out a NewBo City Market staple for his latest "Small Business Bump" segment.

Iowa's News Now has the story of owner LeShawn Smith and her "Shawnniecakes Specialty Treats" shop. After starting her business in 2009 and later moving to NewBo City Market in 2019, Smith is now on the whole country's radar thanks to the comedian and late-night talk show host.

It isn't known who submitted her business, but it certainly wasn't Smith herself. She couldn't be happier about the recognition.

There's been times when you hear this little laugh and I'm grinning because I'm thinking, we were on national TV. And then my cousin goes, that was international. And I'm like oh my God!

It brought her a lot of customers over the weekend, as Smith says within the first 30-45 minutes customers came in to not only purchase treats but to mention they saw her on TV. She quickly sold out of almost two days worth of products.

There are some rather easy criteria a business must meet to get mentioned, and you can learn about them from the CBS website here. Then, if your business or that of someone to whom you'd like Colbert to give a shoutout meets those criteria, just simply post their business name with the above-mentioned hashtag.


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