Christmas and New Year's Day weren't that long ago. But Valentine's Day is already just around the corner, and we're still cooped-up and in the crosshairs of a global pandemic. Occasional live events have taken place, but it has been nowhere near the same. There just hasn't been much to laugh about in almost a year but that's about to change.

The folks at the Olympic Southside Theater in Cedar Rapids present the now SOLD OUT "Love's a Joke" on February 13.

Their Facebook event page describes it as "a much-needed comedy show to start the year off right laughing about love and relationships with your special someone and friends! (Native Iowa standups) Travis Bails, Melanie Mackey, Donny Townsend, and Haley Call will take the stage Saturday, February 13th to give you a fun night of love and laughter at The Olympic South Side Theater".

They will offer "drinks at the bar", including two different drink specials, and several COVID guidelines will be in place and followed. NO individual tickets will be sold. Instead, for $25-$100, you must purchase a table for 2, 4, 6, or 8. You do not have to fill the entire table, leaving plenty of room for social distancing if you don't.

Face coverings will be required to attend and be worn when walking around. They can only be taken off when seated.

The Olympic Southside Theater is located in NewBo at 1202 3rd St. SE, Suite 200. Get shot by cupid's arrow and have your funny bone tickled, two things we all need, on Saturday, February 13 at 8 p.m. An Eventbrite page gives more details. It sure sounds like fun.

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