Good job, Eastern Iowa!

We urged you a few days ago to vote for Fur Fun Rescue in their effort to win a major grant in the 2019 "Rescue Race". They were lagging a bit behind at the time, but you came through in a BIG way!

Fur Fun Rescue officially earns a $20,000 grant, coming in first place in the Rescue Race. A Facebook post says they will use the money to "provide more resources to reduce local euthanasia rates."

The story they told for their submission for the grant money is a touching one about a dog they helped named Baloo.

He was one of six dogs left orphaned when their owners passed away and gradually fell into pretty bad shape until Fur Fun Rescue stepped in. They were able to care for and revitalize him until they were able to connect him with a loving foster home, where he could receive the medical care, nutrition and love he needed to survive, and he began to thrive.

Stories like this are why we are proud to have Fur Fun Rescue in our community and are so happy they have won this grant. Read the full details of Baloo's transformation below.

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