Luke Bryan returned to Iowa for the 13th year for his Farm Tour. Last year, the 'American Idol' judge held his Iowa leg of the tour in Cedar Rapids. This time around, he brought it back around to Boone for the second to last show of the Farm Tour.

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The country superstar performed all of his biggest hits during the brisk, fall show on Friday, September 23rd. He was joined on stage by both of his opening acts at one point during his set.

Riley Green and Jameson Rodgers warmed up a cold crowd that evening.

Rodgers returned to perform a song that he wrote for Luke Bryan's latest album. You can check out a clip from that down below!

It was just a show where he played hit after hit after hit. Fans were singing along to every single song that Bryan performed. At one point, I might just have been singing along with one of Luke Bryan's biggest fans, his wife Caroline.

I was recording a video of me singing along to one of my favorite Luke Bryan songs 'I Don't Want This Night To End.' In the clip, my friend and I are enthusiastically scream-singing the Bryan hit. Then halfway through the song, a random woman startles me by jumping in between us and singing along as well.

You can see how strange I thought the whole thing was. I initially didn't think anything of it. The next day I posted the funny video to Tik Tok. Several hours later I started getting comments saying that the blonde photo bomber might just be Caroline Bryan!

At first, I didn't think that was impossible! What was the wife of the country superstar doing out and about? Shouldn't she have been hanging out backstage?

No! I am confident now that I was singing to Luke Bryan with Caroline Bryan and there is nothing you can say that could change my mind. If you put up an image of Caroline up against this mystery woman, they are practically identical!

The eyes! The hair! THE SMILE!


Also, who wears that fancy of a hat out to a concert in Iowa? I know who!

The wife of the country star performing!

You can watch the full video down below and make your own decision!

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