Here we go again.

Just when we started getting used to the idea of flooding being a potential threat around here every two years or so, it now looks like the forecast calls for more of it just two weeks after the last flood scare, as the Cedar River crested earlier this month at 15.5 feet and is about to go even higher next week.

If a week of dry weather and falling river levels--after a week of steady rain made you a little complacent, it might be time to accelerate your vigilance once again. There are already flood warnings being issued by the National Weather Service into next week.

CBS2 WeatherFirst's meteorologist Rebecca Kopelman says about 6 inches of rain spread out over several areas of Eastern Iowa this week have rivers on the rise again, and a projected crest of the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids is set at 16-17.5 feet next Tuesday. More showers will likely increase this prediction so follow our weather partners at CBS2, and our radio station through our website and mobile app for the latest forecasts and flooding details.

Here is what the city is doing in advance to prepare for the projections, according to a Facebook post from Councilwoman Susie Weinacht:

Don't freak out just yet, but be prepared. We will keep you updated on information from the city of Cedar Rapids in their latest round of flood preparation.

[Via CBS2]




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