It's good month for parents, as two major retailers are helping out those with kiddos in different ways.

Do you have an old car seat that your child has grown out of? Good news, Target is doing their car seat trade in this month. According to KCCI, the retailer will hold the event Sunday, September 13 through Saturday, September 26. During that time, customers can bring in an old car seat and get a 20% off Target coupon to be put toward a "new car seat, stroller, or other select baby items."

If you're thinking that your car seat is too damaged or dirty to trade in, think again. The report states that "all types of car seats will be accepted for trade-in, including ones that are expired or damaged." You can find instructions on the exchange process here.

Some more exciting news for parents (moms in particular) is that Walmart is going to be adding breastfeeding pods to U.S. stores. No more having to decide whether or not to breastfeed while running errands, the Mamava pods have made things easy.

KCCI reports that Walmart will be adding 100 Mamava lactation pods to stores across the country to "give moms with toddlers a safe space to breastfeed their children." These Mamava pods not only provide a clean space to breastfeed or pump, but users can also customize settings in the pod such as lighting, airflow, and even sounds through the Mamava app. Also, moms can leave a "digital note of encouragement" for other moms that use the pods, according to It's pretty cool! And the best part is it's FREE.

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There are currently two Mamava pods in the state in the Mason City and Sioux City Walmart locations. But, two more will be added, one in West Des Moines and the other in Marion. According to the Mamava website, there will be a pod "coming soon" to the Marion Walmart located at 55491 Highway 151.

As a new mom myself, I can appreciate what both of these retailers are doing. Being able to save money on a new car seat when your child outgrows the first one is incredible. It's also a plus that the old one won't go to waste. And, being able to feed your baby privately and comfortably when picking up groceries takes the stress and planning out of a simple trip to the store. Kudos to these two retailers!

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