If you're a fan of country music, you've no doubt heard the classic Johnny Cash classic 'I've Been Everywhere.' The song was originally recorded by Hank Snow, but Cash made it a hit after recording it in 1996. It features over 90 locations the songwriter talks about visiting in the United States. The song has been used in numerous ad campaigns including the U.S. Postal Service earlier this year.

When you listen to the song, the cities can go by pretty quickly. Some cities are easier to pick out than others. There are a few Iowa cities that get name-dropped. Towns like Oskaloosa, Spirit Lake, Davenport, Parkersburg, and Waterloo. Is the songwriter talking about Parkersburg, West Virginia, or Iowa? Perhaps we'll never know. But one thing I've always wondered is if one person has made it to all 92 locations mentioned in the song. The answer is 'yes' and we have video proof!

Mike Schmidt posted the video on his YouTube channel eight days ago and has racked up thousands of views. Clearly, Schmidt loves to travel or perhaps works in the travel industry because as the song says, he's 'been everywhere!' But how many times did he visit Iowa? After looking at the images in the video, Schmidt visited Oskaloosa, Kansas, and not Oskaloosa, Iowa. He did visit Spirit Lake, Davenport, and Waterloo, Iowa on his journey.

I can't imagine doing that much traveling. I can't imagine how it felt to cross off each city on the list until he visited all 92 locations. What a great video and an amazing feat!

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