No one knows much about what's going on right now in the midst of a management tussle at St. Andrews golf course in Cedar Rapids.

Social media postings over the holiday weekend led some to believe the course was ceasing operations, but new information reported by the Cedar Rapids Gazette simply infers there will be a new management structure after renovations are completed which are currently keeping the course and clubhouse temporarily closed.

It is one of the more popular courses in Cedar Rapids, built in 1966 and located off of Blairs Ferry Rd. NE. Below is the post that first got questions circulated, but another Facebook post confirms new ownership and that St. Andrews is still open.

Monday didn't really seem like golf weather, but the course hosted at least one group trying to get in another round.

Owner Vicky Hanus said, in part:

We are remodeling. Everything else is just the same. All the teams that played here will be back. The members will be back. We will remodel and will still have the bar area. We will look to have more of a lounge area.

Hanus took over ownership from her father Waldo, who died a year ago. Mike Hall was the longtime director and superintendent of the course, and it appears he will no longer be associated with St. Andrews.

As for what's specifically being done to upgrade the clubhouse, Hanus says a new bar will be put in, in honor of her late father. The lounge area will be expanded and named after her mother, Charlotte. The bottom line is, Hanus wants members and patrons to know, St. Andrews is and will stay in business for the foreseeable future.

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