They're just about halfway through the first pass of picking up tree debris in Marion from the August 10 derecho. Once that first round is done, according to CBS2, they will start picking up the other debris that might have been left behind.

Items meant for the landfill should be kept separate from tree and brush debris and a more definitive timeline on the start of the collection will be announced within the next two weeks.

What will they accept when they begin non-tree debris collection? The list includes the following:

  • Storage sheds
  • Small electric garden tools
  • Children’s outside play buildings, trampolines, swing sets
  • Fencing
  • Roofing materials damaged in the storm (shingles, awnings, gutters)
  • Construction materials that were damaged from the storm (siding, drywall, insulation)
  • Patio furniture
  • Water damaged items such as mattresses, clothing, and carpets
  • Grills (but not propane tanks)

Items like electronics, appliances and hazardous materials will not be accepted and must be taken to the Linn County Solid Waste Agency on County Home Road.

Please don't be that person who slows the city's cleanup process and uses this collection to just get rid of junk you've been meaning to dump off anyway, because although they might not know the difference, it's intended only for items specifically damaged by the storm. You can call the city of Marion to arrange a pick-up of other items later.

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