Linn County has its sixth COVID-19 outbreak in a long-term care facility. The newest one, reported by Linn County Public Health this morning, is in Marion.

A total of 11 residents and staff at Willow Gardens Care Center, 455 31st Street in Marion, have tested positive for coronavirus, according to a press release from Linn County Public Health. Thankfully, the release says, "no deaths are associated with this outbreak at this time." Residents of Willow Gardens and their families have already been contacted by the facility. Those affected will be in isolation for 14 days.

The positive COVID-19 tests at Willow Gardens came between June 5 and June 9. Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) guidelines state an outbreak is confirmed when there are at least three cases among residents at a facility.

Willow Gardens Administrator Casey Kann says, “We are in constant contact with our families and are doing everything we can to support them. We have been and continue to do everything we can to ensure we stop the spread of this virus within our facility and have increased our emergency response procedures... At this point, all precautions will remain in place within the building until the virus has been eradicated."

Heritage Specialty Care and Cottage Grove Place, both in Cedar Rapids, were reported recovered from outbreaks on May 28 and June 9, respectively. According to the Iowa Department of Public Health, a total of four Linn County long term care facilities are still considered to have outbreaks. In addition to Willow Gardens, they are Linn Manor Care Center in Marion and Living Center West and ManorCare Health Services, both in Cedar Rapids.

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