Typically, TV ads rile up lots of discussion after the Super Bowl, but the new Crypto.com spot featuring actor Matt Damon sparked intense discussion in the Twitterverse not long after it aired during this past Sunday's (Jan. 2) NFL football game block

Since then, the discourse hasn't been pretty.

The stoic 60-second commercial, which debuted online in late 2021 and has also been shown before the previews in various movie theaters over the past few months, finds Damon walking through a long hallway while delivering an "empowering" speech as he passes by epic moments in history, from first flights to exploration expeditions.

Just when one might think the commercial is already disgustingly over-the-top, the actor declares that "fortune favors the brave," before the logo for Crypto.com appears on screen.

The ad has sparked some strong reactions on social media from cryptocurrency detractors. See some of the funniest tweets, below:

Aside from the cringe-y commercial itself (should we really compare early oceanic explorers to crypto bros on their laptops?), some have criticized Damon for the presumably big paycheck he received for his endorsement.

The marketing partnership between Damon and Crypto.com was announced in October 2021. The cryptocurrency company reportedly spent over $100 million for the high-profile campaign push.

“I’ve never done an endorsement like this,” Damon said in an interview about the partnership. “We’re hoping this is the beginning of a great long-term collaboration.”

If said collaboration was meant to go viral, for better or worse, then consider it a mission accomplished.

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