Matthew Perry is getting extra vulnerable in his new memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, out Nov. 1.

In the book, Perry opens up about his years-long struggle with addiction and some behind-the-scenes tales of his time on classics like the 1990s sitcom Friends.

One of those stories is of Perry's crush on co-star Jennifer Aniston before and during the filming of Friends.

According to Page Six, the actor said that he and Aniston actually met before Friends happened and he was "immediately taken" with her.

Perry even called Aniston to try and impress her by telling her about the two acting roles he'd booked at the time.

He wrote, "It was clear that this made her think I liked her too much, or in the wrong kind of way," and cited Aniston's "deafening lack of interest."

However, Perry did once ask Aniston out, to which she declined and suggested they remain as friends, ironically.

Perry allegedly exclaimed, "[We] can’t be friends!"

The TV show Friends had its first table read in 1994, after Perry had already been rejected by Aniston, and Perry admitted to still having some romantic feelings towards her.

Apparently, Perry even found himself overanalyzing casual interactions with his Friends co-star, who played fashion icon Rachel Green, while he played Ross' sarcastic BFF Chandler Bing.

By the time Aniston began dating Brad Pitt in 1998, Perry wrote that he was over his crush and the two were able to be friends "without it being awkward."

Perry has recently made headlines for revealing that he suffered from a burst colon in 2018 due to drug abuse.

He claimed that he has spent about $9 million fighting his addiction over the years, including multiple rehab stays, a few of which took place during the filming of Friends.

Perry has been sober since his 2018 health crisis landed him in a coma with a two percent chance of survival.


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