Very rarely is anything decided on Election Day itself anymore and in several Linn County races, such is the case after yesterday's votes. One thing we do know is that Cedar Rapids mayor Brad Hart will likely be out come January.

Cedar Rapids Mayoral race is tight

According to Iowa's News Now, a runoff vote will now take place between the 2 leading vote-getters, neither of whom got the 50.1 percent needed to declare victory on Election night. The runoff between Amara Andrews and former Cedar Rapids news anchor and current leader of nonprofit Women Lead Change, Tiffany O'Donnell, will take place with another election on November 30. It should be noted that Hart came in behind Andrews by only 24 votes and will wait for a full canvassing of votes to determine if he still has a shot. In fact, KWWL now reports that these provisional ballots could decide whether Hart takes Andrews's spot in the runoff against O'Donnell.

Marion has a winner for a city council seat

Dale Monroe leads incumbent Randy Strnad by a single solitary vote, which according to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, may prompt a recount.

Other elections leave more breathing room

Incumbent Dale Todd topped the Cedar Rapids city council District 3 tally, by a wide margin at 63 percent, and councilperson Ashley Vanorny, who ran unopposed in District 5, remains in her position.

Linn voters want to "roll the dice" yet again

In the heavily followed "casino vote", Linn county voters once again said "yes" meaning the majority would approve the development of a Linn County casino, a proposition now back in the hands of the Iowa Racing & Gaming Commission. The hope is that with a few new members on that commission since the last go-round, it might turn things around and get us that long-sought-after casino.

School elections matter, perhaps more than ever

Voters have perhaps been more attentive than in recent memory to school board elections this year, with issues like mask mandates in schools and the growing controversy over "critical race theory" becoming major issues. In Cedar Rapids, Nancy Humbles and Jennifer Borcherding both won seats.

You can view the full results of these and other Eastern Iowa elections here.

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