Mediacom Communications announced today that they'll be giving millions of dollars in credits to customers who had their service impacted by the August 10 derecho.

The company will be giving customer credits totaling $5.7 million to about 340,000 customers in the three states of Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana. Mediacom says most of the credits will "go to customers in Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities, as those areas sustained the more extensive storm damage affecting Mediacom services. The credits will appear in customers’ October billing statements."

Thus far, Mediacom says they've either replaced or repaired over 70 miles of "wireline facilities" in the Cedar Rapids area, all related to damage caused by last month's storm. They've also gotten services for about 6,500 individual customers in the area restored by fixing or replacing the line(s) into their homes.

Mediacom brought in extra workers to assist in the Cedar Rapids area and they say they hope to complete most of the repairs by the end of the day Friday, September 25. However, you'll continue to see Mediacom crews working in the Cedar Rapids area for up to four more weeks as workers replace temporary lines installed after the storm with permanent ones. The work will be done during the day, with short service interruptions possible while the changeovers are taking place.

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