Watch her do: Meghan Trainor's M-Train is officially back in motion, and the "Me Too" singer says she's got new music and "sexy" visuals on the way.

On Wednesday's (February 7) The Late Late Show with James Corden, Trainor — whose last LP Thank You dropped in 2016 and included the single "No" — said new music is coming in "less than two months" and added she's got two sexy videos "down, in the bag."

Still, she couldn't say much more:

"If I say it I'll get in trouble," she pleaded with Corden, who pushed her for more intel.

And, as part of "Speed It Up, Slow It Down," Trainor recorded a new video on the spot for "Me Too," which found her lip syncing lyrics at lightning speed while balloons and fluorescent dust exploded around her. Then, Corden played back the clip, which had been rendered in stunning slow motion.

In January, Trainor told Entertainment Weekly she's got some tricks up her sleeve when it comes to her new album, which she said will feature some unexpected guest acts.

“I’ve been in the studio every day with my family,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “My entire family sings on every song and [fiancé] Daryl [Sabara] sings on every song. My father plays the piano and organs on one song.”

The Four, on which Trainor is a judge, will air its finale Thursday night at 8 PM EST on FOX and will officially pick a winner.

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