Two promising Coronavirus vaccines have begun to roll out, providing what some call light at the end of the tunnel of this long, ongoing pandemic that's been crippling the U.S. for much of the year. But until the vaccines have been injected into the arms of every single Iowan and American who needs them, the work of those men and women on the frontlines through it all will never be done. Even then, their line of work will require continued service and sacrifice. These heroes in the health care industry may not even get to enjoy much of a holiday break.

In a move following suit with UnityPoint's announcement a couple of weeks ago, Mercy will also boost the compensation of their essential employees in 2021. Mercy was one of the earliest facilities to receive shipments of COVID-19 vaccines as reported by KCRG, who also spoke with Mercy senior Vice President and Chief Talent Officer Nancy Hill-Davis about the challenges of the pandemic and the August 10 derecho. Those challenges, Hill-Davis says, have further highlighted the risk in the work her staff does, and she notes that changes will soon be made to solidify the hospital's commitment to them.

The UnityPoint raise will put eligible workers at $15 per hour while Mercy will provide an increase to $15.25.

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