Illicit drugs are bad. No matter how you look at it, they're dangerous and can lead to many dubious things, including years behind bars. They can be bad for your health and family. A 38-year-old Iowa City man has finally found out just how bad drugs can also be for your freedom.

KCRG reports Mark Poggenpohl was found guilty on May 4 of trying to deliver methamphetamine to the parking lot of the Riverside Casino last year. Unfortunately for Poggenpohl, that person cooperating with law enforcement. Today, Poggenpohl was sentenced to up to 25 years in prison for his crime.

He had the methamphetamine in his backpack, which police say he also brought into the casino prior to the attempted sale. Poggenpohl was attempting to sell the meth for $150.

By simply doing a Google search on the name "Mark Poggenpohl" you'll see he's been in trouble a number of times. If the up to 25-year prison sentence seems heft, that's why. Poggenpohl is a repeat offender who had more than two felony convictions in this most recent trial and, according to KCRG, he'd have been sentenced to no more than 10-years if not for his prior convictions.

In court, Washington County Attorney John Gish stated that,

Mark Poggenpohl has a long criminal history, and it includes acts of violence, theft, and property damage Over the years, Poggenpohl attempted or completed approximately 30 treatment or rehabilitation programs, has been supervised by probation and parole officers, and has been to prison four times before.

He concluded,

The only way the community will be kept safe is if the Iowa Department of Corrections keeps Poggenpohl in prison.

The jury agreed. Poggenphol is also facing burglary charges in Johnson County according to KCRG.

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