In the wake of the crowd crush tragedy that left eight dead and countless others injured at Travis Scott's Astroworld festival over the weekend, many have turned to social media to highlight examples of times artists stopped concerts to care for ailing audience members.

Examples include the likes of Linkin Park and even the King of Pop himself: Michael Jackson. TikTok user uncovered footage of a time the iconic hit-maker actually stopped one of his massive shows to save the life of a bug he saw crawling onstage.

In the now-viral footage, Jackson interrupts his set and calls for security to remove the lucky insect.

"I don't want anybody to step on this," he says as a team member appears to remove the bug. "Don't kill it, though." The man walks back to show Jackson that the bug is uninjured before exiting the stage.

"He even paid attention to a bug, let alone to his own fans," text on the video reads. Check out the heartwarming moment below:

The video has since gone viral on TikTok. At the time of publishing, it has been viewed more than 11.2 million times. It also received more than 1 million likes and thousands of comments. Many of the commenters commend Jackson's compassion.

"Michael was a sweetheart," one user wrote.

"I don't care what people say," another commented. "He was the kindest soul. Always appreciated his fans. A true king."

"Michael Jackson was on another level," someone noted. "As an artist [and] as a person."

The account shared a second TikTok proving that it wasn't just bugs Jackson cared about at his concerts. He also was prepared for fans who might need assistance.

The second video — which appears to feature audio and visuals from a previous interview with the artist — shows footage of medical teams removing unconscious audience members from his shows.

"We have a tent on the side," Jackson explains in a voice over. "It's usually like 5,000 faints every night, and we have all these doctors and paramedics. But it's a difficult thing to tour."

"This should be an example for every artist," the caption reads. A screenshot from Twitter at the beginning points out that Jackson had these measures in effect decades ago and that they should be the standard today. Watch the video below.

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