Whenever a Midwest guy tells you he's found a great new hack for a simple way to do something relatively hard, make sure you have safety glasses nearby. That was my first thought when I heard there was a dude who found an easy way to get sap from a maple tree. Time to find your drill.

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This guy is John Driscoll. I believe John is from Michigan. He's a man who "demonstrates how to find the best spot to tap the tree, which is in line with a big branch and a big root, and he uses an electric drill borrowed from his wife to drill a two-and-a-half-inch deep hole" according to the YouTube description.

Watch the maple tree sap magic happen.

I'm not certain if this is where John got his idea, but Tap My Trees shows this how-to when it comes to achieving maple syrup greatness. My only gripe with John's how-to is he doesn't show the sap actually dripping into the bucket. No need to use your imagination as I found another tree driller who did.

There you have it. As natural a maple syrup as you can get. Now, where are the pancake trees?

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