Hunting trips never go 100 percent as planned. Some days you end up with nothing and sometimes you're so successful you'll remember the day forever. However, I'd venture to guess almost no one in the world has had a day quite like Cory Klocek did on Saturday, November 7.

Klocek, a firefighter, was deer hunting in Minnesota with a shotgun Saturday morning when the unthinkable happened. While making his way around a pond after dropping a 10-point buck, Klocek undoubtedly couldn't believe what he saw on the muddy bank of the pond. An alligator. An alligator, in Minnesota.

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According to Klocek's Facebook page, the alligator was 3-feet long and was only about 10-feet away from him when he spotted it. That's far too close for any gator as far as I'm concerned, even though they rarely attack humans without being provoked. Klocek kept his wits about him and called the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. They told him he could shoot the unexpected four-legged Minnesota carnivore. According to WCCO, he shot the gator with a smaller caliber gun. A 10-point buck and a 3-foot alligator is quite a hunt, especially in Minnesota.

You can see Klocek's photos here. He says he's going to have a taxidermist mount the two animals together. WCCO's story on Klocek's amazing hunting day is below.

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