Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson sported some new ink on Tuesday (October 15).

The couple went to celebrity tattoo artist Nico Bassill's studio, Among the Willows, in Los Angeles to get their new black and white tattoos.

The "Slide Away" singer got a dagger piercing a heart, with the words "rock n' roll heart" on a ribbon covering the heart, placed on the back of her right arm.

Simpson got a simplistic skull and crossbones featuring the grim reaper's scythe. The new tattoo is placed on the top right of his chest.

While the tattoos aren't matching, the couple did get their ink done together. The new art comes days after Simpson revealed that it was "safe to say" that the couple was going steady.

On Friday (October 18) Simpson will be releasing a new song, "Golden Thing," inspired by Cyrus, a track that she has been begging him to release.

Take a look at the couple's new ink, below.


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